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     Game Show

   ½ Hour Format*

     980 Episodes




     Pat Finn (Seasons 1-7)

     JD Roberto (Seasons 8-10)

Shop 'til You Drop is an original game show produced by Stone Stanley Productions that premiered in 1991 and ran for over 10 years and 980 original episodes.  The series was hosted by Pat Finn from 1991-2002, and by JD Roberto from 2003-2005.  Co-hosts/announcers include Mark L. Walberg (1991-1994), Jason Grant Smith (1996-1997), Dee Bradley Baker (1997-2002), and Don Priess (2003-2005).  From its premiere through 2002, the backdrop of Shop 'til You Drop was a 14-store, two-story shopping mall.


In Rounds 1&2, two teams of two contestants compete in humorous physical games testing players' knowledge of popular culture and consumer information.  Most games have a 60-second time limit.  Successfully completing the stunt earns points and allows the team to pick a prize from one of the seven stores on the lower floor of the mall.  One of the stores also contains a mini vacation dubbed the “Shopper's Special.”


Round 3 is the "Shopper's Challenge" round: 90-seconds of rapid-fire questions, again related to pop culture and shopping.  Correct answers are worth 50 points each and an incorrect answer gives the other team a chance to respond.  Team members switch places after each question.


The team in the lead at the end of the round wins the game and advances to the "Shop 'til You Drop" round, a shopping spree where the team tries to accumulate a prize package of at least $2,500 in 90 seconds.  One of the team members is the shopper while the other team member is the runner (in later shows, team members alternated roles).  One at a time, the team opens one of six boxes on a table, each concealing a prize. The shopper decides whether to keep the gift or exchange it with another from one of the stores in the mall.  If they decide to exchange it, the runner scurries to one of the stores for another prize.  In either case, the runner has to take the item to a table on one side of the set and hit a bell before the shopper may open another box.  After all six boxes had been exchanged or kept (or the 90-second time limit expires) the host and announcer describe the prizes and total their value.  The couple keeps everything they select (including any prizes from the first 2 rounds and the "Shopper's Special" if won), but if they meet or exceed the $2,500 threshold, the couple wins a dream vacation.


Dubbed one of The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time series by GSN, the show ran on Lifetime from July 8, 1991 to September 1, 1995 moving to The Family Channel on September 30, 1996 where it ran until August 14, 1998.  After airing reruns for a year, on April 3, 2000, PAX (later ION) began airing new episodes, which ran through August 11, 2006.

  1. *Kids and Spanish Language demos are available, as are international format rights and all library episodes.


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